“Somehow, in the process of trying to deny that things are always changing, we lose our sense of the sacredness of life. We tend to forget that we are part of the natural scheme of things.”

- Pema Chödrön

Sacred Mala Beads...

Mala beads or spiritual beads worn can enhance our awareness of mind, body and spirit. Spiritual beads remind you to go inward. Here you access the unconditional love, healing and creativity of your heart and soul. Always on your wrist, these ‘Sacred’ beads serve as a constant reminder of the presence of your higher consciousness. Malas are worn so that one can focus on intention, a mantra or for a yoga or spiritual meditation.

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Each Sacred Mala bracelet is a unique piece.

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A few facts about Mala Beads...

Malas are eastern. Originally used in Hinduism and Buddhism for counting mantras, chants or prayers. As time passed, they gained favor in Japanese and Tibetan Buddhism. Malas are to remind one of simple compassion. Prayer beads in the eastern world have traditionally been worn as bracelets. They say the English word, “Rosary” has come from the Sanskrit ‘Japa Mala’. When Roman explorers came to India and heard the word ‘Japa Mala’, the Jap for the Romans meant “rose”. So when the Mala was carried back to the Roman Empire as rosarium and into English as “Rosary”.

Just as Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree, Hindus revere the Tulsi tree known for its delicate foliage and its sweet fragrance. The tree is Indian in origin. The Hindu ritual is to water it each morning. The tree is revered. The Tulsi wood can be made into Mala beads, but most often, the Hindus wear a meditation bracelet called Raksha Sutra which is as shown made of red thread and put on in the temple by a Puja Saman or priest. As a child, one starts wearing the Raksha Sutra or Mala bracelet.

Tulsi Tree

Raksha Sutra

Nothing Changes Over Time...

The first thing upon which we should meditate

Is our precious and fleeting human life,

Hard to obtain and easy to destroy.

-- Kalu Rinpoche

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